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Top down view of premium quality dried lavender bundles. Purple/gray Grosso, dark Purple Royal Velvet, light pink Melissa

Dry & Fresh Lavender Bundles

Lavender Bundles - Artisan lavender bouquets are organically grown and hand harvested. Bouquets are bundled immediately after harvest and hand dried for 2-3 weeks in our barn where they are kept in the dark to maximize color retention, at an optimal high temperature and low humidity conditions for drying flowers. Dried bouquets will retain their beauty for months, even years when hung upside down away from direct light. Each bundle has approximately 120-150 lavender stems depending on the variety and weight at harvesting. They are approximately one inch in thickness, although they shrink some as they dry. We can ship dry bouquets year-round.

Fresh bouquets must be picked up at farm location or at a market/event (no shipping due to effects of shipping on fresh bundles)


Care - Keep dry bouquets away from direct sunlight to retain their color and aroma as much as possible.


Special Orders - If you are looking to secure dry lavender bundles for your wedding or special events, please contact us as soon as possible to pre-arrange harvesting for the best variety based on event timing.


Favorite Cultivars currently available:


Royal Velvet Lavender: Angustifolia, AKA “English”, lavender has bold, dark purple flowers. Bundles are approximately 10-12 inches long. The deep royal color commands attention and contrasts beautifully with other flowers in bouquets and floral arrangements. Very fragrant.


Grosso Lavender: Intermixta, AKA “French” lavender variety has silvery-purple flowers on long, elegant stems, 14-16 inches in length, which create beautiful shape and visual interest in floral arrangements. The lengthy stems stand out and provide exceptional fullness. Very Fragrant.


Melissa Lavender: Angustifolia, AKA “English”, lavender variety has light pink/ivory flowers, with bundles approximately 10-12 inches long. The pastel-colored blossoms provide a delicate look when used alone and provide layers of texture when used in combination with other traditional "purple" lavender varieties in arrangements. Sweet fragrance.


Lavender Combos: We recommend to order different lavender varieties  and use together to create depth, dimension, and visual interest from the interplay of colors, textures and height. 

  • Return and Refund Policy:

    All purchases are final; however, if not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately and we will  do our best to make it right.  We are a small, family operated farm and your satisfaction and business are appreciated.  Thank you!

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