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Our Lavender Varieties

Welcome to Willamette Valley Lavender, where we offer a stunning array of lavender varieties to enchant your senses and beautify your garden. Our farm takes pride in cultivating the best lavender plants for our region. Each variety on this list has its own unique characteristics and charm and has been trialed in our test garden to ensure the ability to thrive in our growing zone. Keep reading to discover the perfect lavender for your needs, whether you're seeking fragrant blooms, culinary delights, or a visual spectacle in your landscape.


Angustifolia lavenders (Lavandula angustifolia), commonly known as English Lavender in the USA, are prized for their compact size, early blooming, and excellent cold hardiness. These varieties are the only ones that should be used for culinary purposes. They are perfect for borders, containers, and crafting.  Explore our selection of Angustifolia lavenders and find your favorite:


Intermedia lavenders (Lavandula x intermedia), also known as French Lavender in the USA, are renowned for their large, showy flowers and impressive dome size. They are the most aromatic of all lavender types. These varieties are ideal for creating stunning visual displays and producing high-quality lavender oil.


Lavandula stoechas, also known as "Spanish Lavender" in the USA, adds a touch of Mediterranean flair to any garden. While not typically used for culinary or aromatic purposes, these lavenders are a workhorse in the garden due to their long blooming period, which lasts from early spring to late summer. However, please note that Spanish Lavender varieties are becoming more sensitive to weather changes in our PNW Zone 8-b and can be harder to keep thriving after harsh winters. Yet, even if grown as an annual or biennial, we LOVE this plant in our personal garden so much because of its spectacular display of flowers that last for months! It is also an excellent choice for containers.

At Willamette Valley Lavender, we are passionate about providing you with the highest quality lavender plants.

Our diverse selection ensures that you'll find the perfect variety to suit your preferences and garden style.

Thank you and We look forward to sharing our love of lavender with you!

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