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Wool Dryer Balls and essential Lavender Oil gift.

Wool Dryer Balls w/ Essential Oil

In this gift set you will find three premium 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls and a 10ml bottle of our Willamette Valley Lavender essential oil.  Wool balls are a natural and effective alternative to traditional drying sheets.  Highly effective to reduce wrinkles and static and best of all it is chemical free. 100% natural!  Good for you and the environment!   Long lasting 1000+ loads or 2 years.  

To use, simply add one to three drops of essential oil to each wool dryer ball.  Let the oil dry and be absorbed by the ball before placing the balls in the dryer with your laundry.  Re-apply every 4-5 loads or as needed. As a safety precaution don’t add more than a few drops of oil per ball and don’t overdry clothes.

  • Return and Refund Policy:

    All purchases are final; however, if not fully satisfied with your purchase, please contact us immediately and we will  do our best to make it right.  We are a small, family operated farm and your satisfaction and business are appreciated.  Thank you!

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