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Tying the Knot with Lavender: Ideas for Your Dream Wedding

As we work to fulfill lavender orders for the new wedding season here at Willamette Valley Lavender, we're happy to share trendy ways to incorporate this beloved herb into your big day. Lavender has long symbolized elegance, romance, and serenity. With its beautiful purple hues and calming fragrance, it's the perfect choice for your wedding.

Lavender Wedding Ideas
Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lavender Wedding Decor Ideas:

  • Lavender Aisle Runners: Line your ceremony aisle with lavender bundles or potted lavender plants for a fragrant and visually stunning entrance.

  • Lavender Bouquets: Create stunning bridal and bridesmaid bouquets featuring lavender as the star or combined with other seasonal blooms.

  • Lavender Centerpieces: Arrange fresh lavender sprigs or dried lavender bundles in elegant vases or rustic mason jars as centerpieces for your reception tables.

  • Lavender Name Tags/Seating Cards: Add a personal touch to your place settings with name tags or seating placement cards adorned with a fresh lavender sprig, providing a lovely fragrant accent.

Lavender Wedding Favors and Gifts:

lavender cocktails
Cocktails using lavender syrups and culinary lavender.
  • Lavender Sachets: Offer sachets filled with dried lavender buds as favors for your guests, which can also serve as a thoughtful wedding favor.

  • Lavender Candles: Present guests with handcrafted lavender-scented candles as favors, perfect for setting a relaxing ambiance in their homes after the celebration.

  • Lavender Bath Products: Create a relaxing gift set with handmade lavender soap, bath salts, or lotions for your bridal party or as favors.

lavender desserts for wedding
Lavender Wedding Confections and Desserts

Lavender Wedding Menu and Drinks:

  • Lavender-Infused Lemonade or Cocktails: Incorporate culinary lavender or lavender syrups into your signature cocktails or lemonade for a refreshing and fragrant twist.

  • Lavender-Infused Desserts: Work with your caterer or baker to create lavender-infused desserts like macarons, cakes, or crème brûlée using culinary lavender, lavender syrups, or baking lavender extract.

By infusing lavender throughout your wedding details, you'll create an unforgettable sensory experience with elegance and natural beauty. Source all your lavender needs locally from Willamette Valley Lavender - from fragrant bundles to lavender-infused favors, syrups and more. Short on time? Send us your vision, and we'll handcraft custom lavender creations to make your day truly magical.

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