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Handcrafting a Green Holiday with Natural Decor

The holidays have arrived at our lavender farm, and this year, we wanted to create all-natural, decorations using materials from right here on our land.

Sandra handcrafted gorgeous holiday wreaths entirely from biodegradable materials mostly harvested on our small farm—fragrant red cedar, wispy eucalyptus, pinecones and our signature dried lavender bundles. These sustainable wreaths emit wonderfully woodland scents intermingled with calming lavender aromas.

As wreath bases, we upcycled wine barrels rings as frames for an artisanal touch, perfect for our winter farmer's market booth. Rather than stiff wire, we carefully tied the fragrant organic materials onto the frame with soft, biodegradable jute string to give each wreath an unique bohemian look.

We hope to inspire others to craft beautiful, all-natural decor this holiday season for an earth-friendly alternative. Get creative with materials harvested in your own backyard!

Need gift ideas for the sustainability-minded? Check out our chemical-free Wool Dryer Balls with Lavender Essential Oil gift sets. Highly effective at reducing wrinkles, static, and drying time simply by tossing a few into the dryer. Best of all, they are 100% natural and long-lasting - over 1,000 loads! Good for your laundry and the planet.

Order through our online shop for shipping within the U.S. or farm pickup in Canby, Oregon.

Wishing you and your family a joyous holiday season!

Mike & Sandra

Photo of three handmade round lavender wreaths with greenery, pinecones, and dried lavender bundles tied to upcycled circular wine barrel bases. Designed by Willamette Valley Lavender as biodegradable, sustainable holiday decor.
Bio-degradable Holiday Wreaths


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