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Create Calm This Winter with Lavender Self-Care

The new year brings new intentions towards living well. As the hectic holidays fade into quiet winter, many feel motivated to implement lifestyle changes that uplift both mood and health.

Using lavender in your self-care routine serves as a soothing science-backed tool for finding inner calm. Clinical trials substantiate lavender and its essential oil as a positive influence for mood, sleep and wellness while reducing anxiety and emotional stress. This is due to lavender's ability to target neurotransmitters that regulate mood. Smelling lavender before bed may result in a deeper, and better quality sleep.

Combat winter blues with these quick lavender-infused rituals:

The new year presents an opportunity to build self-care habits. Begin simple natural rituals to lift spirits and restore balance.

We wish you a happy and peaceful path in 2024!

Willamette Valley Lavender gift items including a rolled neck wrap, glass candle with lavender buds, a lavender tea cup, and essential oil bottle artfully arranged on a rustic wool blanket next to a book and against a backdrop of a cozily made bed with pillows and blankets.
Cozy comforts with Willamette Valley Lavender self-care gifts


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